Benefits to Society

How Our Product Benefits Society


How Our Product Benefits Society

Capturing Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
MARG Energy’s technology captures carbon dioxide, effectively decreasing environmentally-hazardous CO2 emissions.

Reducing Waste
Current competitors are only able to convert up to 50% of the CO2 pushed through their systems. With MARG Energy design and machinery, up to >85% can be converted. MARG Energy has discovered how to develop and sustain a fully enclosed photo bio-reactor with a high rate of production. The algae growing platform maximizes productivity within a smaller footprint and wastes the least amount of useful CO2.


Protecting the Environment
The most likely environmental, social, and economic issues algal production addresses are:

Producing a revenue stream from waste
Displacing oil imports
Feeding animals and fish
Recovering nutrients from leftover Coal Ash
Increasing the growth of live plant species


Supporting the Local Economy
To support the MARG Energy focus on a local sustainable approach, we will partner with existing small business operations, machine shops, tool & die makers, and small piece fabrication shops on a continual basis.

Providing New Job Opportunities
MARG Energy will produce new job opportunities by developing partnerships with local businesses. This will help grow the economy through the creation of tens of thousands of well-paying green-collar jobs.


Stimulating Economic Growth
Algae hold great promise in the near term to fundamentally change America’s energy portfolio, and to sequester or convert atmospheric CO2 into market-ready products.