Cleaning Your Home’s Air

Homeowners expect clean air in their home for the well-being of the family. The MARG Energy product, referred to as the Biomass Module, is designed to be a simple tool for cleaning the air in your home.

MARG Energy looked at every component within houses to determine where emissions occur and how to capture and convert them into a useful material, and a paid product.   Some examples:

  • Exhaust from a furnace
  • Natural gas exhaust
  • Coal
  • Wood burning emissions

Convenient Size & Scalable Design

The size of the BioMass Module will be about the size of the typical silver- foiled insulated box enclosure currently in a home HVAC system.

Producing a By-Product (That We’ll Pay You For)

By using combustible gases to cook, such as propane and natural gas, MARG Energy will pay homeowners to collect, every 2 or 3 months, the Algae Biomass product collected inside the home unit.  Since MARG Energy is capable of converting home emissions to clean air, you will accrue Carbon Credits just for running the system. Carbon Credits are certificates earned by emission-reduction efforts and can be sold in emissions trading markets. The Algae Biomass collected from your system will have a value that MARG Energy will pay for.

Contact us for more details as we continuously develop and refine our scalable modules for the future!


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