Our Team

Our Team


The MARG Energy Team, exceeding 14 individuals, represents a variety of professions within business and industry. The Team has nearly 250 years of experience in a diverse aptitude of qualifications, ranging from supply managers to electronic technicians to engineers to administrative and  management backgrounds.  With a focus on lifelong learning, the Team holds vast knowledge, from Associate degrees, Bachelor of Science degrees, Masters of Science degrees to a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Many within the Team are sporting nearly a quarter century of experience within each field.

Clint LeRoy, the MARG Energy CEO and Chief Technology Officer is a motivated researcher with a passion for the energy industry.  He holds a degree in Computer and Electronic Technology with an in-depth understanding of effective and emerging technologies, complementing his strengths in communication, networking, and relationship building.  As an Eagle Scout, he is a thinker and innovator, intrigued by how things work.  Clint has built a professional network of experts to support innovative projects.  With a desire to be an innovator in the energy market, Clint utilizes his knowledge of energy manipulation and recovery by converting CO2 into algae biomass. Through exceptional prowess and persistence, Clint has assembled a team of experts and resources to create and drive MARG Energy, Inc.

The Next Industrial Revolution is Here!

The next step in humanity – MARG Energy is the leader in algae growth.  Utilizing MARG Energy technology to convert real-time power plant CO2 emissions into algae biomass for the fuel, food, and pharmaceutical industries, MARG exceeds current ideas and innovation for waste products.

Clint LeRoy & MARG Energy seek to utilize innovative knowledge of energy manipulation and recovery from biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind resources in every MARG Energy project.

“Agriculture is the main driver of most ecological problems on the planet,” said economist Jeffrey Sachs, Scientific American columnist and Earth Institute director. “We are literally eating away the other species on the planet.” See http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/growing-population-poses-malthusian-dilemma/ to learn more.


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