Reducing Power Plant Toxic Emissions

MARG Energy can benefit the industry power plants by reducing their emission of toxic gases to nearly nothing. We do this by redirecting the off gases from the algae, which is almost pure oxygen (O2), and then directing these gases back into the combustion chamber, creating a simple loop.

Our approach effectively removes the Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) from the emissions, thereby reducing the poisoning of the acid rain run-off.  We will also work to remove the Sulfur Oxide (SOx) emissions by creating an extraction method without using lime (another high producer of carbon dioxide).

Converting Emissions to Value

Converting carbon dioxide (CO2) via Algae Biomass, instead of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere, is a key mission of the MARG Energy vision. Our primary cargo container-sized unit was designed to serve industry giants, such as large manufacturers and electrical power plants, turn their high volume emissions into purposeful materials. MARG Energy is focused on converting these emissions via Algae Biomass at an aggregate conversion rate of nearly 100%.

“Wasting this valuable resource (CO2) is not an option, devising a way to produce Algae Biomass with the least effective loss of CO2 emissions is our commitment.”


Benefits for High Volume Emitters

  • Reusing a valuable resource (CO2)
  • Reducing Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Sulfur Oxides (SOx) being emitted
  • Receiving Carbon Credits (verified reductions in GHG emissions)
  • Being compliant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Generating positive public relations (PR) and marketing results
  • Staying ahead of future regulations and forced emission reduction programs

The BioMass Module – Industrial Application

Our cargo container housing design allows the module to be transported to its destination where emissions can be converted to algae on-site.  Since plenty of power plants exist worldwide, the placement of the cargo containers with modules would be facilitated to meet the needs of the industrial client purchasing the goods.  After placement, the cargo container will not need to be transported again.  It is designed to house the BioMass Module as one complete unit.

Collecting & Paying for the Algae BioMass

MARG Energy expects to utilize the services of a third party vendor to remove the algae biomass from each site.  A MARG Energy sales associate will locate customers in need of algae derivative ingredients used in manufacturing.  The MARG Energy associate will also align services of third party vendors to remove the algae and transport it to the clients.


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