Fundamentally, MARG Energy does two things:

1. We convert the bad gases from industry smokestacks and turn them into algae, via the BioMass Module

The MARG Energy BioMass Module processes bad gases from industry smokestacks and uses the gases to promote an accelerated growth of algae. The resulting products are cleaner air and algae that can be broken down into byproducts useful in a number of industries.

We are centered on building BioMass Modules that allow algae to grow in a physical device that fits into a movable 40’ cargo container (a metal container measuring 8’ wide by 8’ tall by 40’ long). Our initial estimates have the very first module costing nearly $600,000, and subsequently in a fast production operation the costs are reduced to nearly $32,000 to $34,000 each. We plan to build as many full-sized units as needed, and we will also be building smaller versions to propagate our methodology of algae production in every strain. This type of scenario takes plenty of space and a sterile environment.

2. We then take the algae and convert the different algae strains into different products that industries require

We are also an algae-growing company specializing in the way we grow the algae to push it for high volume growth.  We use emissions from large industry and all areas in between, including emissions from our homes.

Because algae are a living organism we need to nurture them in order to be able to grow algae in vast quantities. In order to obtain the level of quantity needed for our industrial sized BioMass Module, we need to be patient but productive, building progressively larger sized apparatus from the prototype up to modules designed to reach full scale operation.  This will be done with each new strain of algae, recognizing that each level of advancement has differing space requirements and all must be handled in a clean and sterile environment.