Markets Served

MARG Energy Inc. serves three markets:

  • Emitters of CO2 who will use our BioMass Module to capture the CO2 emissions.
  • Smaller residential and commercial applications who will use our BioMass Module primarily for cleaning the air.
  • Industries interested in purchasing the Algae BioMass for the production of pharmaceuticals, animal feed, fuel, and other relevant algae-based products.

Market 1

MARG Energy will collaborate with these industries to capture CO2 emissions and grow a constant stream of Algae BioMass:

  1. Existing algae companies around the world. Existing algae companies that are using raceway ponds are concerned about contamination of spores.  By using the MARG Energy compartmentalization system, algae firms that were unsuccessful in the past because their CAPEX was unable to produce enough algae biomass can be successful.  
  2. The farming community. MARG Energy devised a way to help agronomy farmers use just ¼ of an acre for their operation.  The platforms consist of a 2600 sq. ft. building, 12 modules, and two silos that will complement the farmers’ way of life, by installing sources of renewable energy.  The farmer would only have to perform a 20-minute walkthrough each day, similar to a daily walkthrough of other animals and crops.  The SCADA software set up at each location will allow MARG Energy to operate the system in an autonomous manner with few interruptions.
  3. Power Plants across the United States and around the world. Power plants want to convert CO2 emissions to algae biomass; however, the barrier is the size of the footprint for algae conversion.  Instead of 1200 acres per power plant, MARG Energy will use 11 acres or less under roof.  There are 1,800 power plants in the United States and over 7,800 power plants around the world.  The MARG Energy focus is to maximize algae biomass growth within the smallest footprint.
  4. Large Manufacturers. We serve producers of CO2 emissions. This includes industries where smokestacks are several hundred feet tall produce electricity, as well as industries where combustible materials are burned to generate heat. Each of these emitters are generating heat for a purpose of continuity. These are the most desirable as MARG Energy will roll out its most important product first to these emitters. Polluters are what we need to grow algae. It is these CO2 emitters that we will strive for as major sources of food for our algae.

Market 2

MARG Energy will lease for the life of the product the BioMass Module to the following markets to clean the air:

  1. Residential Homeowners. MARG Energy products will allow the atmosphere that we breathe in our homes to be replenished without having to exhaust these gases, but instead to permit the gases to recirculate throughout the residence after being filtered using algae. This process will include filtration of the atmosphere inside the residence, conversion of the emissions from combustible materials the  home owner uses to heat/cool the residence, and eventually our design will capture and convert fireplace emissions as well into Algae Biomass.
  2. Commercial Applications—Offices, Retail Stores, Schools, etc. Commercial applications in the future will receive many benefits from converting the emissions of CO2. It is not just the emissions of the combustibles that will be filtered by the BioMass Module, but also the unwanted high levels of noxious gases in the air of the environment where many people stay, work, and shop.

Market 3

MARG Energy will sell the Algae Biomass to the following Industries:

  1. Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed, and Fuel Industries. The last market MARG Energy serves is the clients who purchase our algae biomass products. We will sell the biomass we grow with the algae. Most valuable products that are produced from the algae take up only 1% of the biomass and the rest of the algae biomass is used as a subprime leftover or bulk product.  The algae are not only useful as feed for animals but also useful to humans as ingredients for the food we eat, the drugs we take, and even the oil we need to power transportation and even our homes. Yes, home heating oil can be produced by the actual application mentioned above – removing emissions from your home heating product, capturing it, and using it to grow algae and algae biomass. Thus, MARG Energy refers to this as a recirculating or re-metabolizing effort. 
  2. Food Industry. Direct selling to the public supplied food chain ingredients will no longer be sourced from agronomy plant matter. Most of the large in-demand ingredients will now be sourced using the biomass from algae. Many of the refined ingredients it takes to make the products we love to eat take up huge resources of plant biomass sourced from the limited arable fields of this planet. In order to feed the continued growth of the planet, we will need to source a different biomass. Algae are the answer. If not sourced here on Earth, many of today’s scientists are looking to cultivate in places like Mars or the Moon, and then ship the food back to Earth. This is no joke; with the planet’s increasing population, food for human consumption is a resource we cannot do without. For further information see:

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