Our Vision

Our Vision

MARG Energy’s Vision

Our vision is to invest time and energy in dynamically converting CO2 emissions into algae to sustain air and life quality by maximizing algae growth and capitalizing on the development of biomass products for the fuel, food, and pharmaceuticals industries to drive local and regional economic development. 

What Our Vision will Accomplish

Placing emphasis on the current realm of industry’s pollution belching smokestacks seems to be the best way to express the environmental concerns we desire to conquer.  After uniquely observing the overall growth in industry without concern for environmental impact, MARG Energy seeks to address squelching these emissions while also converting them into valuable revenue-generating needs for the human race.

Core Values that Drive MARG Energy

  1. Responsiveness. Addressing customers’ and strategic partners’ needs with confidence, strategic thinking and planning
  2. Collaboration. Teaming to drive progress and productivity for maximizing this expansive and economic opportunity
  3. Quality. Developing products and processes to clean the air we breathe and sustain the quality of life
  4. Innovation (QUONE). Questioning everything, Observing the problem to be solved, Networking with strategic partners, Experimenting to find a solution
  5. Growth. Growing is vital to our survival as well as providing additional opportunities for our employees, while early growth is growing the partnerships with CO2 emitters. Eventually we would like to grow the strains of Algae to better effect the changing needs of the clients.

MARG Energy’s Mission

The Mission of MARG Energy is to grow the maximum amount of algae within the smallest footprint through a re-generating and sustainable process that creates jobs, boosts the economy, and ensures healthy environments while providing an essential product for the food, fuel, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Responsibility

MARG Energy has a responsibility to educate the public while meeting the needs of capturing CO2 emissions and providing algae to the fuel, food, and pharmaceutical industries.  Our product is a photo bioreactor… it’s solving problems… it’s capturing CO2 emissions to maximize algae growth and sustain air and life quality. With this, we desire to change industries, create excitement, and drive action to push our economy toward sustainability. Our product, the BioMass Module is a tool that will drive this action.


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